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  1. ●Lots of New Weekly Specials ●Over 20 $5 Nuggets--for every $100 you spend you may buy a $5 frag. ●Coupon code FAST20 get $20 off orders $100+ Find deals here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials
  2. Recently gave our colonies a "haircut", new frags posted. Posted a mix of Aussie frags plus frags from our colonies that have been here for years. Find affordable Acropora frags here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora
  3. Spring cleaning clearance sale! 40% off WYSIWYG Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums?page=1 40% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora 40% off WYSIWYG Softie Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/polyps-and-shrooms-for-reef-aquariums 40% off WYSIWYG Clams https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  4. 30% off WYSIWYG Cultured Clams Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  5. Load up on AWESOME Frags here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums Order today, we can hold your order and ship when it's convenient for you next week or save on shipping--we'll bring your order to the upcoming WAMAS meeting April 27, just enter store pick up at check out and put a note that you want us to bring your order to the meeting.
  6. Find them all here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora
  7. New WYSIWYG Cultured Clam UPDATE Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  8. At Pacific East Aquaculture we stock lots of cultured clams in a wide variety of colors. Our clams are hardy and easy to keep! We have some great specials and lots of WYSIWYG to pick from. Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2 Learn more here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/blogs/coral-farming-in-the-solomon-islands
  9. Weekly Specials https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials 30% off WYSIWYG Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums 30% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora 30% off Inverts https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/inverts
  10. The frags are now sold out. If you would like a frag please sign up for our wait list on our site. We will have more available in a few months.
  11. Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora
  12. PEA Scrolling Rainbow Cyphastrea mother colony NEW RELEASE Limited number of frags available, 1/2-3/4 inch healed frags, $349.99. Some of the available frags
  13. Celebrate with us, get some great deals! FIND DEALS HERE: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials
  14. 30% off Sale ends Midnight Sunday 30% off WYSIWYG Frags NEW FRAGS POSTED https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums 30% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora Weekly Specials https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials Shipping is Free on orders over $249 $24.99 on orders over $150 https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/pages/shipping-policy
  15. I have been coming to WAMAS meetings since the very first one. This club is without exception the best anywhere! In the past years I use to go to 25 to 30 club events a year around the country, none compare to WAMAS. Thanks to everyone that volunteers to make such great events and continuing to encourage and support the hobby!
  16. Those of us in the colder regions of the country are sick and tired of winter! What better way to forget about the cold and the snow than to add some beautiful PEA corals to your reef then sit back and enjoy your tropical paradise! New frags are added every day! 30% off WYSIWYG Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums 30% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora 30% off WYSIWYG Shrooms, Polyps, & Softies https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/polyps-and-shrooms-for-reef-aquariums New Weekly Specials https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials Build Your Own Frag Pak Buy 3 Get 3 FREE! https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/pick-your-own-frag-pack
  17. FAST20 Coupon Code $20 off orders of $100 or more New WYSIWYG Frags Posted Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums
  18. Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums GET $20 OFF ON ORDERS OF $100 OR MORE COUPON CODE FAST20
  19. New Specials added to our Annual End of the Year Clearance Sale Find all deals here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials
  20. Today starts our Annual End of the Year Clearance Sale! New Specials will be posted every couple of days now through New Year's! PLUS, Over 20 New Nuggets!!! INCREDIBLE DEALS For every $100 you spend you can buy a Nugget at a SUPER LOW reduced price! See all SPECIALS & NUGGETS HERE https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials Our First Round of Specials Starts NOW 38% off WYSIWYG Frags New Frags posting every few days during the sale! See all WYSIWYG frags here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums Blue Cultured Maxima Clam $59.99 3 pak Acan lord frags $49.99 2 pak Lithophyllon frags $39.99 3 pak Ultra Chalice frags $89.99 3 pak Emerald Crabs $16.99 Mini Clean Up Crew $17.99 NEW SPECIALS ADDED EVERY COUPLE DAYS DON'T FORGET TO ADD NUGGETS TO YOUR ORDER, our site will automatically prompt you when you qualify for Nuggets--get 1 Nugget for every $100 you spend! If you place an order and want to add to your order at any time, select store pick up to avoid additional shipping charges.
  21. New WYSIWYG Clams Posted https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2 New WYSIWYG Rainbow Zoanthids Posted https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/polyps-and-shrooms-for-reef-aquariums New WYSIWYG Frags Posted https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums
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