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  1. I am the fortunate winner of the Reactor that BRK donated at the Saturday meeting. I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on using activated carbon and Marine Pure spheres in the reactor? Background: I have a 75g mixed reef (5 months old) , 4 damsels, mushrooms, frog spawn, zoas and a couple of small LPS and a clam. I do not have the $s to acquire the lighting for SPS. The major carbon demand I think will be the clam as it grows. I have a DIY sump/fuge with a filter sock, Reef Octopus 110SS, nothing yet in the fuge but live sand and one a 1" marine pure block and two carbon bags. I also have a small BRS GFO reactor which is doing great for phosphate. My major challenge is DHK and evaporation. I loose about a gallon and a half a day which then results in salinity fluctuations. I also occasionally spike ammonia. Calcium and Magnesium are in standard range but I just added the clam. Next purchase will be an ATO. An anemone and more fish (~ 4 and cleaning crew). All that to say, thoughts on the reactor use? Thank you, Eric
  2. I won the MRC Media reactor on Saturday. Thanks for everything you do for WAMAS!
  3. Here is a picture of the stand. I want to brace it with 2x4 and then remove the front section between the doors. Otherwise I can only get a 10g sump in there.
  4. civitan.erichanson

    Eric's 75G Reef

    My first SW Tank
  5. There is water in the tank, it's on day ten of cycling. I will try to load pictures tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. I have a 75 gallon tank on a stand with two fairly narrow doors. Each door is 16" wide and there is a section in the center that is 8" wide. I can not insert a 2og long tank (my sump preference due to cost mod with plexiglass) under the cabinet because it is too long to turn. I am considering an eShopps 200, not sure that will go in either. Thoughts on 2x4 bracing of the stand and then removal of the center front section? Thanks again, Eric Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Eric
  7. I have an 8 bulb T5 fixture that died two plus years ago. I don't remember how or why. So I replaced it with a Current LED which is not great, doesn't obviously put out the light the T5s did. The fan does not go on and I do not see the starters fire. Are there any electrical wizards on here who might be able to help me diagnose and rewire, or should I call an electrician? An 8 bulb fixture replacement is out of budget. I'm in Frederick MD. Thanks, Eric
  8. Sage advice, thank you. Would you also dump the sand? Sadly the LFS I bought the sand from charged $75, so two lessons learned, its still worth the cost. Now how to do it under my wife's nose...
  9. Ah, I wish you had posted before I moved forward... I filled it with tap water and about half a bucket of reef crystals (160g bucket) and ran power heads. Its still not clear and I have not achieved expected salinity. The previous tank was bought from a WAMAS member years ago (8?) and has been drained and moved a few times. I bought it with everything and had no problems until about two months ago. The sump came with that tank. When I took it out of the stand, it had several hairline fractures. Now the question is, do i dump the salt water in the tank and start over with RODI. EEH
  10. I was about to start a new thread, but this one is at the top of the list so... The 75g bit the bullet. It sprung a minor leak somewhere I think along the rim because water would pool between the glass and the bottom rim and comeback after I dried it out. I broke that all down, transferred what little I have to a 20g rimless and threw the 75g on the curb. But the carpet continued to get wet so I pulled out the 40g sump which showed pretty clear cracks. My sand is still moist, but the rock has dried out. After I knock a few items off the honey do list, I am buying another 75g. I am in no rush to get fish/coral back into the new tank, so I ask: What is I pulled water from my outdoor hose or seriously the sink? Please don't be aghast.... I do not relish carting 15+ buckets for RODI water from the basement. The above would be easy, but not sure if its sane. Thanks for any opinions. Eric
  11. Sadly its been a bad day, now that the tank is no longer cloudy I see I've lost a few more fish. With the Tang gone, the Trigger is bullying everything that is blue. Tank is back to crystal clear I'll leave it alone. I assumed that when nitrated dropped drastically to under 10 that meant the tank cycled, is that not accurate?
  12. Great advice everyone, I had not thought about pulling the Tang out into a bucket. I should of said its a FOWLER now but I intend to add SPS, zoas and an anemone or two.
  13. Update: Just arrived home. Tang did not make it. Everyone else seems good, but need to watch. Tank is still cloudy. Its about 10 weeks old. I will stop dosing anything. With a 7.6 Ph how do I raise it? Water changes? Salinity is 1.025 Temp is ~80 but my thermometer sucks. Adding AlgaeBarn Pods and Chaeto to refugium today. Thank you all.
  14. Last night I went to bed with a little bit of stress about my tank and left at 5 AM still stressed... Yellow Tang swimming sideways, but eating and laying on rock. Trigger also laid on the rock. 75G FOWLER w/10g sump (LR), 5g refugium with nothing in it but Julian's sand Parameters: Ammonia 0 Nitrate < 10 PH 7.6 Alkalinity tested at LFS and they said it is fine. I started adding PH Up (white bottle at home) to raise PH because snails keep croaking. Ph Up makes tank very cloudy for a while. Yesterday I added it and a tablespoon of sugar back to back. Previously added No4 and Phospahat efighting additive (10 ml) Tank remained cloudy all day. Protein skimmer going crazy, bubbles on top of water. Still cloudy. Ideas, hope they survive me at work...
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