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  1. Proving that RFID can work just as well under water as above, the Underwater World aquarium in Singapore (UWS) is taking a unique approach to identifying fish while they are swimming in their tanks, as we reported last month. The new concept was created to give visitors a more interactive and educational experience, while making it easier for staff to monitor the individual health of the fish. See attached PDF! Steve RFID_and_fish_tracking.pdf
  2. I just wanted to say THANKs for a great event. Quite impressive. Excellent speakers. Excellent raffle. Great coral frags. Zowie. And it did NOT hurt that I won that EuroReef CR80 skimmer. That may just save my tank and keep me going in the hobby! Thanks to Blue Ribbon Koi and EuroReef for donating it to the club for raffle. steve
  3. Sph2sail

    Science fair project

    yup... THAT Emily! Lemme know when to stop by... s
  4. Sph2sail

    For those that care...............

    In my bill from DirecTV, it had an advert in it for Setanta Sports. Claims they are the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany licensed broadcaster. $11.95/mo. Anyone know anything about this channel? Will it be in HD? I suspect it is much like Univision, but in English. Thoughts? s
  5. Sph2sail

    For those that care...............

    I care. Love the avatar. For the addicted, go to bCentral World Cup Schedule. Download the application and it will add the full world cup schedule to your MS Outlook calendar! Then you REALLY will know who is playing when... s
  6. Sph2sail

    A new aquarium concept

    ITALBRASS MOODY AQUARIUM CONSOLE SINK For a sale price of $4550, how could anyone resist? s
  7. Sph2sail


    I have a Mag7 you could use. I also have spare impellers for them. How long are you gone for? I am in process of a waterchange and this is my waterchange pump... s
  8. Sph2sail

    check valve

    I use an electronic shut off valve from LifeReef.com. Expensive (about $60), but flawless. If power is on to run the pump for flow through the kalk reactor, the shut off is opened. When power goes out, it shuts off the flow. No siphoning and back flow. Perfect. Make sure this baby is on the fresh water side of the reactor. Check valves rarely work due to the cracking pressure issue. Another strategy is a peristaltic dosing pump. No siphoning ever. s
  9. Sph2sail

    Birdnose Wrass For Sale

    How big of a tank is it in now? How big is it now? How big is it projected to grow to? s
  10. Sph2sail

    Thank you BRK

    Thanks to BRK. Great to see a new LFS. You are a much needed supply of difficult to find stuff (esp. plumbing!). Look forward to supporting you and your store over the years! We appreciate your support of WAMAS. Look forward to seeing you at the winter meeting! (I Hope). s
  11. Sph2sail


    Wouldn't ya know, both my teams are playing during the social: Redskins and Patriots. The rest of y'all are a bunch of losers. You wait and see... So.. How big's the TV? Got Surround Sound to go with it? Details please! s
  12. Sph2sail

    WAMAS Social at Blue Ribbon Koi / Marine

    Snow? This week? Checked the weather recently? :2thumbsup: I guess they could not guess from December, but now we know... Straight from the National Weather Service: C-ya Saturday! s
  13. Sph2sail

    WAMAS secrets

    LOL. This is pretty funny. Never thought to look up WAMAS on other domains. s
  14. Sph2sail

    National Aquarium

    Because of MACNA, we have the interest of the Nat'l Aqu'm in DC's president. He'd love for us to do something together. As a courtesy, I do not think I can give out his info on a public forum. Call me at 703.319.3171 and we can chat about how to do this. Ok?
  15. We are about to update the WAMAS website with info about the MACNA experience. Care to share stories about the event? If you have photos, would you please email them to Nathan at bizonthenet@comcast.net. We'll post what you send! Descriptions would be nice, as we may need help understanding what you send... Thanks to all who participated in the event. TIA to those that post and send pictures! steve