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  1. Coral Hind

    T5 Light Fixture Help!

    I agree with Tom, sounds like a power supply issue. An eight bulb fixture would not have a single ballast so if all the lights are out and the fans then I'd check for a fuse or faulty switch.
  2. Coral Hind

    What is this?

    They are my favorites snails because then can flip themselves over and don't die so easy like the astrea and turbos. Don't be alarmed if you try to pick it up and the tail falls off. It is a defense mechanism of self sacrifice like a lizard's tail.
  3. I have always used "muffin" fans from old computers that are 12v and I use a power adapter. They also make 120v units which might be easier plug and play for you. Look for a low dB rating when shopping around. www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-Cooling-Ventilation-Projects/dp/B009OXTWZI
  4. Coral Hind

    The Looking Glass

    Tony, we need pictures!! It looks like its been a long time, about nine months since you've logged in. Hopefully everything is good with you and the tank.
  5. Coral Hind

    Warren's Crystal Dynamic 220

    Receptacles in or on the ceiling are allowable per code.
  6. Coral Hind

    Tank repair

    I've cut out the damaged brace and replaced it with plexi and attached it with nylon screws. Similar to the image below
  7. Coral Hind

    Returning to WAMAS

    Welcome back. I just read your thread over at RC and you have a nice setup.
  8. Coral Hind

    Waboss's new "shallow build"

    I'm liking the new sump area. What are you running in the mini media reactor?
  9. Coral Hind

    Tang harassing corals?

    I had a hippo tang do that but it just liked ripping them up and didn't really eat them. Could they just be going after food that has settled on the corals?
  10. Coral Hind

    Dosing Alk at night to buffer ph swing?

    Is the tank open top or have a cover? Good air exchange over a tank helps with pH. If you can, run the air intake to your skimmer outside as it helps raise pH levels. Our homes tend to be lower in oxygen levels than outside air which makes it harder to keep pH up. Fish load is also key as the acid from fish waste lowers pH. A lighter fish load makes it easier to maintain alk/pH levels.
  11. Coral Hind

    Dosing Alk at night to buffer ph swing?

    What levels are your alk at over the 24 hour period? The pH numbers you show seem fine, towards the lower end, so either should work for you with the night dosing being a little more stable. I used reactors mostly, but when I did does alk separately I always did it at night since that's when it was consumed the most as corals and coralline algae lay down most of their structure at night. I liked to have a large refuge of algae on a reverse daylight schedule to help keep a constant pH.
  12. Coral Hind

    Cleaning test vials

    I've never done anything special, just rinse with tap water.
  13. Coral Hind

    Aquascape Critique

    I like it! Keeping it open makes the tank look bigger. Lots of room for corals to grow out. Are you keeping rock in the sump for bio-filtration?
  14. Coral Hind

    Roozens open for marine again ???

    I'm guessing it was a code issue for safety or something similar. Anytime you have a place like that open to the public you have to have it to a certain code and anyone who had been to that place knows they didn't exactly have it up to normal retail standards for access and safety.
  15. Coral Hind

    Roozens open for marine again ???

    I called Roozens and they will not be selling marine fish and corals as the county has shut them down and will not give them a permit.