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  1. Thanks! I’ll start dosing Alk and measure calcium for a week or so just to see if it changes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a 60g cube that's lightly stocked. I'd like to start dosing though just to get my Alk solid. I'm trying to determine how much Alk/Ca to add per day so I've been measuring my Alk for the past week. It seems like it drops a little over 1dkh per day. Day 1 was right after a water change: 1) 8.1 2) 8 3) 7.8 4) 7.7 5) no measurement 6) 7.4 Based on these results and the BRS calculator I should be adding approx. .1 or .2 fl oz per day to keep it steady. Can I also assume how much Calcium I should be adding per day based on this Alk usage or should I measure that for a few days and determine dosage based on that? Thanks! Phil
  3. Yep, that sounds exactly like what I was doing except I was using a screwdriver instead of a chopstick. I'll do a little research as you suggested. Thanks.
  4. I got my replacement impeller today and it definitely rotates more freely. However, upon starting the pump it doesn't immediately spin. I have to jump start it with a little nudge (I tested this with the impeller cover off. I was able to get it running using this method and basically putting the cover back on while it was running, and now my skimmer is back up and bubbling. The issue is, I'm not confident I can turn it off again and restart it without having to go through the process again. Also not sure why the old impeller was so swollen.
  5. All the bushings are in place. I ordered a replacement impeller last night. I was reading that sometimes the magnet can swell and it doesn't spin as freely inside the housing anymore so hopefully thats it. Thanks for the advice about replacement pumps, hopefully it doesn't come to that especially after buying a new impeller.
  6. I have an Aquamaxx ConeS CO 1 which has a SHARK 1.5 pump. I did a water change 2 days ago and turned everything back on. I didn't notice until yesterday that the skimmer never turned back on. After confirming it had power, I took the pump out, cleaned it, and it still won't turn on. While out of the water, turning it on, I can hear it hum and sometimes it starts to spin (maybe does a quarter or half rotation before it sticks again) but then stops. It wasn't very dirty but was pretty hot to the touch when I took it out to clean it. It does offer some resistance while turning the impeller myself and I can't remember if thats normal or not. Is it toast or is there something else I can try to fix it? Replacement pump is $140 and Marine Depot doesn't even have them in stock right now Is there a better pump perhaps? Thanks!
  7. That's it. Just want to secure it. Haven't tested with water. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have a used zeovit reactor I'd like to repair. Is this the best product to do so? https://www.amazon.com/Weld-Acrylic-Plastic-Cement-Pieces/dp/B0149ISO60/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1479922610&sr=8-18-spons&keywords=plastic+glue&psc=1&smid=A1QO0V8LDU7BFX
  9. I did a water change 3 days ago. I tested again today and alk is 6.3, ca is 340. Everything looks about the same. I guess its unrealistic to expect things to color back up quickly. The only other change is my duncans are closed up today. Im not sure if I should plan for another water change shortly or let them adjust to parameter change for a week or two first. Previously alk was 5.5-5.8. Any thoughts?
  10. Yeah, I just tested and alk and calc were both real low. Alk was about 5.5-5.8. I don't dose and hadn't tested in quite awhile. Everything was growing well and water changes seemed to be keeping up with demand. I guess its time to either bump up the water change schedule or start dosing! I'm gonna try to do a water change tomorrow night and hopefully that brings levels back up to normal. Any chance these guys will turn it around if levels come back up to normal? Should I try to do something more aggressive like baking soda or find some kalkwasser? Thanks for all the quick responses!
  11. So I hadn't really looked at the tank in the past few days and immediately noticed some of my monti's are partially bleached (not positve its bleaching but def. discolored). Another acro at the same height is browning. I have a few others that have their polyps retracted. Everything else seems ok including RBTA, fish, inverts. The only change I had made was adjusting my LEDs to be about 5% brighter for most of the day. I also started using a formula one food instead of the normal mysis. Could that have caused this amount of damage? Why would some be browning and others bleaching? I've checked SG and it looks good. I'll test other params as soon as I can. I also started filling a RODI container for a water change hopefully tomorrow. I also stopped the GFO reactor but its been running for awhile and I still have good macro growth so I doubt thats it. Any ideas on what might be going on? Here's some before and after shots, the before were with a DSLR and the after were just now with my camera phone but the difference in the acro at the top and the montis should be evident. Another piece of the green monti near the bottom of the tank looks exactly the same. BEFORE: AFTER:
  12. I got an aussie from ERC about 8 months ago and its doing great. Hasn't stung anything, the closest coral is about 2" away. Haven't tried fragging it.
  13. So here I am a little over a year later and the tanks doing well! Originally I didn't really organize my electronics, everything was just shoved behind the stand. I kept putting it off thinking I'd do it soon. Well, soon turned into a year later it. I finally got it all organized and installed in a cabinet! Next step is to upgrade the ATO storage to something fancier than a home depot bucket since its sitting next to my tank and pretty visible.
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