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  1. Beautiful. If someone sees them hit DD, please snap a screenshot
  2. My agent added a waterbed rider to my policy to protect against dumping a couple hundred gallons if something really bad happened.
  3. Interesting... I have been thinking about getting some. The youtube vid I found said they were almost silent as long as you weren't trying to drive them close to their max which arguably one shouldn't be doing anyway. Icecap licensed the design, but I don't know who actually makes them. I thought that tucking them up against the top of the tank would provide more viewing area and be less noticeable than something in the middle of the side panels of the tank, not to mention the MP-40s seem to like to slide down all the time even at the strongest alignment of the magnet. That doesn't sound like it matches your experience. What size is your tank?
  4. Very interesting. Thanks for posting! About how much shaving brush do they go through? Are you rotating them out like starfish for harlequin shrimp or just getting new ones? What happens if you reverse your experiment and try maintaining them with a good food source but low light levels? If photosynthesis isn't contributing to their energy levels then they may not have any dependency at all. I wonder if you could come up with an extracted version of the chloroplasts that they would consume and if it would be possible to dye it to see if they are swapping them out and at what rate.
  5. My jaw fish would hide every couple months. Sometimes for a week or two at a time. I dug them out a couple times but with one exception where one got trapped inside a piece of PVC they were always fine. Just let him be and feed him again when he comes out.
  6. Something is wrong with my account. I can't access any of the member forums. My account status says good till 2015. Could a mod please look into this for me?
  7. That would be great. Sending a pm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. That looks like it would work, but I'd rather avoid piecing it together with 2' sections which means I will need to get the pipes cut and threaded. I've seen the threading machine at HD. Does anyone have experience trying to get them to cut and thread? Thanks Did you build yours out of short sections like Brad908? I'm in Clarendon. Do you work with conduit?
  9. I think it is going to need to be the heavy stuff for that amount of weight. I want to do something like this image only with a leg on each end.
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