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    Solar Sea Slugs: my new project

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting! About how much shaving brush do they go through? Are you rotating them out like starfish for harlequin shrimp or just getting new ones? What happens if you reverse your experiment and try maintaining them with a good food source but low light levels? If photosynthesis isn't contributing to their energy levels then they may not have any dependency at all. I wonder if you could come up with an extracted version of the chloroplasts that they would consume and if it would be possible to dye it to see if they are swapping them out and at what rate.
  5. fry_school101

    Jawfish cut on side of head

    My jaw fish would hide every couple months. Sometimes for a week or two at a time. I dug them out a couple times but with one exception where one got trapped inside a piece of PVC they were always fine. Just let him be and feed him again when he comes out.
  6. fry_school101

    Locked Out of Member Forums

    Perfect. Thanks!
  7. fry_school101

    Locked Out of Member Forums

    Something is wrong with my account. I can't access any of the member forums. My account status says good till 2015. Could a mod please look into this for me?
  8. fry_school101

    ATO Tank with a new function

    Wait, are we not supposed to do that?
  9. fry_school101

    Help needed to bend rigid conduit for light hanger

    That would be great. Sending a pm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. fry_school101

    Help needed to bend rigid conduit for light hanger

    That looks like it would work, but I'd rather avoid piecing it together with 2' sections which means I will need to get the pipes cut and threaded. I've seen the threading machine at HD. Does anyone have experience trying to get them to cut and thread? Thanks Did you build yours out of short sections like Brad908? I'm in Clarendon. Do you work with conduit?
  11. fry_school101

    Help needed to bend rigid conduit for light hanger

    I think it is going to need to be the heavy stuff for that amount of weight. I want to do something like this image only with a leg on each end.
  12. Does anyone have the benders/ threaders needed to make a light stand? It looks like I need 1/2 rigid (not EMT) conduit to support 6 evergrow fixtures.
  13. fry_school101

    Frozen food autofeeder project

    Looks like a cannon going off. . . since y'all like pirate-y names.
  14. fry_school101

    Heaters in overflow?

    The heater loses power in an outage, but it stays hot for a good while. Depending on the timing of things, it could still break if the water restarts and pours over the now hot glass. You could just set your overflow so it stays full in the event of an outage.
  15. fry_school101

    Emerick Fish Tank

    Unfortunately, you'd have to dissect the starfish to tell if it is a boy or girl. They don't like that much. Yes. There are many species of starfish that are poisonous and even deadly to humans. The crown of thorns, the sun star, the spiny sun star and the leather star are some of them. Their spines are the poisonous parts. A sea star's lifespan ranges from 5-35 years. An anemone is a member of a group of animals called Cnidaria. These animals live a verrry long time. They don't have physical markers like rings on a tree so it can be hard to tell. Some people think they can go on living forever if nothing comes along to eat them. Although starfish do not have many well-defined sense organs, they are sensitive to touch, light, temperature, orientation and the status of the water around them. The tube feet, especially those at the tips of the rays, are also sensitive to chemicals, enabling the starfish to detect odour sources such as food. There are eyespots at the ends of the arms. While a starfish lacks a centralized brain, it has a complex nervous system running along each arm. The starfish does not have the capacity to plan its actions. If one arm detects an attractive odour, it becomes dominant and temporarily over-rides the other arms to initiate movement towards the prey. The mechanism for this is not fully understood. A sea star pulls food to teh center of it's body where it's mouth is. Here is an interesting video of one eating: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A100m5EpfFI