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  1. UPDATE: I was now loosing about 8g over a 20 hour period. Thank god for extra towels and my wife tag teaming with the towel brigade. I knew the risk of using and old salt water pump from someones shelf but needed to anyway. I decided I had little to loose and decided to take the loaner pump apart and see what I could do. Through this, I was able to take my old pump and the loaner pump and use different parts from each to create 1 pump. I ended up using my motor, fan, back cap and rear volute housing, Dave's impeller and front volute housing and my o-ring. Had a lot of clean up work on the motor shaft and needed to use a die on it to allow the impeller to spin back on and seat in place. Then I installed the new rear seal into my original rear volute housing and the front seal onto Dave's old impeller. No leaks, throws water like it was new, and runs cool and quiet. NICE! MORAL: salt water pumps sitting for extended periods may leak unless meticulously cleaned before shelfing. Come into work this morning to find one of my 4 door flower coolers is not cooling and hot. SHOOT - lol
  2. unfortunately sitting on the shelf may not be as good as running. It leaks too. But a towel moat helps lol
  3. just finished cleaning up an old HH from DaveLin he is letting me borrow. Getting ready to fire it up. Thanks for all the texts and offers. If you didn't know it, know it now, the fish community is the best community of friends you will have in your lifetime. Rock on
  4. My hammerhead has died and I need to borrow something 1.5" in x 1.5" out till the new one comes. Anything like that that can circulate water temporarily is helpful Anyone got something I can borrow for about a week - 10 days tops? I'm in McLean, VA text me 5712200776 Thank you
  5. Nice looking stuff pretty sure non members can NOT see this forum
  6. you'll miss cutting at fragfest Good luck, tanks for your service
  7. Who has them? What do you have? How do you like them?
  8. Looks great. What are the tank dimensions?
  9. This is as good a place as any. What was it stuffing it's face with?
  10. How old are your bulbs? How old are your filters?
  11. I need two ballasts that will fit inside the box. Not sure if it matters what channel - white or blue but two of mine have a ballast out in them. comes on and goes off during the day which indicates a ballast (or what ever you like to call it) to me. Anyone? pm me if you have any available
  12. that is exactly what I have been doing for about 10 years and my 300gph is an educated guess since I do not have it on any form of a flow meter.
  13. I've been using a 40W and I have been putting about 300gph, your 57w could probably handle 375gph I replace my bulb each year and clean the sleeve at least once a year in vinegar. Same unit and sleeve since 2004 but have put a new bulb each year or real close to it. You won't be disappointed and don't listen to the nay sayers of UV. Been using it for about 30 years.
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