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  1. flowerseller

    Instant Ocean on sale at DFS

    same new price of 54.00
  2. flowerseller

    Frag fest teaser

    Nice looking stuff pretty sure non members can NOT see this forum
  3. flowerseller

    Hoping To Get Back Into Salt...

    you'll miss cutting at fragfest Good luck, tanks for your service
  4. flowerseller

    Ecotech Radions

    Who has them? What do you have? How do you like them?
  5. flowerseller

    250DD build

    Looks great. What are the tank dimensions?
  6. flowerseller

    Pinecone fish/pineapple fish

    This is as good a place as any. What was it stuffing it's face with?
  7. flowerseller

    Cedar Lane Elementary 60 Gallon, back in Ashburn.

    got stuff for it call me
  8. flowerseller

    Red Cotton Candy Algae

    How old are your bulbs? How old are your filters?
  9. flowerseller

    Replacement LEDs for Chinese black box?

    I need two ballasts that will fit inside the box. Not sure if it matters what channel - white or blue but two of mine have a ballast out in them. comes on and goes off during the day which indicates a ballast (or what ever you like to call it) to me. Anyone? pm me if you have any available
  10. flowerseller

    Uv flow rate help

    that is exactly what I have been doing for about 10 years and my 300gph is an educated guess since I do not have it on any form of a flow meter.
  11. flowerseller

    Uv flow rate help

    I've been using a 40W and I have been putting about 300gph, your 57w could probably handle 375gph I replace my bulb each year and clean the sleeve at least once a year in vinegar. Same unit and sleeve since 2004 but have put a new bulb each year or real close to it. You won't be disappointed and don't listen to the nay sayers of UV. Been using it for about 30 years.
  12. flowerseller

    Ebay items are live!

    just saw it can have free local pick up dcjfred
  13. flowerseller

    Ebay items are live!

    if we win we can pick up and not pay shipping?
  14. flowerseller

    Plumbing a bulkhead to tubing instead of PVC

    Are you happy with the temporary solution to make it permanent or can you post a pic? I can not grasp what you are trying to do. I have about 35 years of accumulated fittings looking to make someones day. btw if I like the pic of your rigging enough, I might make it a temporary profile pic since I've had the pizza pic up since like 2005
  15. flowerseller

    Returning to WAMAS

    Yeah, I hear steak dinners are good with old reefing buddies.