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  2. The GHA has steadily been dying but it’s been raising phosphates and covering everything in cyano. Waterchange is currently in progress and i just took out probably 4 cups of decaying algae. After this entire ordeal, most of my lps is dead, a green pocci colony is mostly dead, and my gorgonians have dead tips. Still have my leathers, monti caps, cespitularia, alveopora, and some little unhappy frags. Oh and all my rock flower anemones but none of my small BTAs :( Survival of the fittest, unfortunately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. June 23rd. The day I learned literally anything wet will sit in a QT for like 2 months before going in my display. Woke up today and noticed my hippo tang had white spots on its body. Sure enough 6 hours later white spots on my powder blues fins. That would make it 11 days in my tank before it showed up. And 25 days of total observation between QT and my display. I added some sea urchins starfish and snails yesterday from LA. I have no clue if it snuck past ReefEscapes QT or if the ich was in the free swimming stage or attached to one of the CuC. Either way it sucks and Im super mad. Also as an added double whammy. There was a miscommunication at ReefEscape and I was under the impression the water I added didnt have copper. And a test there said 0. Well I went back today and they were super helpful and tested my water with a lower range checker and sure enough it was .03ppm cu.... So I put some polyfilter and cuprisorb in the sump and started doing a water change. Interesting enough alot of studies have a super high mortality rate at about .033 ppm cu and none of my inverts seem to be doing bad at all. Maybe Hannah checker error? Who knows but June 23 was by far the worse day of the years of keeping tanks. So I fortunately picked up a 40b to use for this purpose. (I know I literally had a QT and didn't use it.. facepalm). I have it filled with SW not from the display and have Cupramine and a Seachem test kit on the way tomorrow. So now begins the adventure of catching the fish and keeping the tank fallow for a long while.
  5. Scrolling through some old threads and came across this. Any updates? -A-a-ron
  6. I think I’m looking at getting a peristaltic pump for my kalk bin system (reservoir, pump, timer). My aqualifter isn’t very consistent. I saw on amazon some cheap pumps that are pretty bare bones. I have power supplies I can wire up to it, but any idea if any of them are worth the $15 even? I have to pump the water up about 4 feet. If not, what’s a halfway decent single head unit I could get? I don’t need bells or whistles (I have a timer I’ll be using) - I just want it to pump relatively consistent and not backflow when it’s not pumping. Is anyone trying to get rid of one for cheap? Other ideas?
  7. Beautiful. If someone sees them hit DD, please snap a screenshot
  8. Last week
  9. Moved the uv light inside of the return pipe. Much happier with that since now I know all water goes through UV and it is discretely setup. No light emulation what so ever into the sump. Also installed the BRS dosers as I will need to start dosing soon, at least Alk Close up pic. Blue is for Alk and red is for Calc (stuck with my Hannah tester colors) 5 gal water change and filter sock change today.
  10. Ooooooooooooooo Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. https://reefbuilders.com/2019/06/18/fuschia-pink-lava-coals-diaseris-coming-soon-to-the-divers-den/ Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  12. @Still_human Hope things got better for you. How are you making out on the skimmer?
  13. The UV light arrived last night. I installed it in the first chamber of the SUMP. Running it from 9am until 9pm at the moment. I was considering maybe inserting it into one if the return pipes, any ideas? Also, added three (final three) new fishes to the tank yesterday: A juvenile Maroon Clown to mate up with my female in the tank. (she did not like it at first, now she is getting used to the little one. Hopefully he will not have jumped out the tank when I get home since I haven't had a chance to build the net yet...) A firefish A dotted blenny
  14. 35% off WYSIWYG Frags Sale starts now: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums Coupon code REEFA35
  15. Current Equipment/ Params that Ive actually tested Waterbox 230.6 platinum pro 168g display 40 some gallon sump 4 ai hydras working towards the BRS AB+ probably like 75% towards that 2 mp 40s running like 35% now on reef crest Simplicity 1600 return pump 2 eheim 200w heaters 100w cobalt heater (community heater water changes, qt etc. just leave it in there because why not) Chaetomax refugium light Filter socks one of the mesh ones and ome of the felt ones dont know micron sizes off hand Tunze ato *searching for a skimmer Params Salinity 1.025 Ca 420 Mg 1300 Alk 8.4 Temp 78 Nitrates were 10ppm going to try to keep it around 5 Phosphates got pretty high pre chaeto/diatom bloom they were at .10ppm Checked couple days later after cleaning it up and adding chaeto was around .04 which I am fine with All the bad stuff params were 0
  16. June 20th update (Week 3-4) Long story short ReefEscape didnt run copper in the past few rounds of fish they got and they had changed probably all the water in the system at least once. So the copper scare in my tank was avoided. Numerous tests came out to 0 with some super low range checkers. I was babysitting my parameters all week. Mostly just salinity and alk at the same time to make sure I was topping off right. My alk suprisingly hasnt reallt changed. Its went from 9 - 8.4 dkh in a 3 week span. I know to check at the same time every day as well. I also have hardly any hard corals. All the other levels look normal and have stayed quite stable which is good. My nitrates and phosphates spiked a little which I expected while the bacteria and everything catches up. I added a refugium light and some chaeto to the sump to start growing and cleaned the filter socks which I have realized I have to do more often and eventually will just keep 1 probably. New fish additions all good so far. My pbt decided after 8 days of peace he was going to live up to the reputation of pbts and started chasing my hippo. No tail slapping or nipping just chasing. I let it happen for a few hours then taped a mirror to the side of the tank. Within minutes the pbt had a new arch nemesis. I let him fight the new invincible foe for 2 days and removed it. Knock on wood its been 24 hours with no issues between them. Added a nice orange setosa colony (adventurous I know but everything has been stable so curious to see how it goes) and some green slimer. If I can keep those and my existing corals happy for a few weeks Ill start to fill in the tank some more. Still need to move the heater to the sump lol.
  17. That floating rock looks BAD ASS! What an innovative idea! M
  18. Sorry all. I finally realized that my level is messed up. It gives different readings when the level is measured from left-to-right vs the other way around. Bought new ones from Ace and the floor is pretty flat. Couple of shims should do the trick.
  19. Ammonia reads 0ppm as of last night and there has been some decline in Alk to 7.9 I dosed some Alk solution to bring it up to around 9. I am holding off for Calc since there are almost no SPS in the tank and the consumption is no where near I would need to dose at this time. After I acquire some more SPS, I will see what the daily consumption is over a period of a week and adjust the BRS dosers as needed. Purchase Updates: 1. Couple of Zoas from other WAMAS members 2. SPS frags waiting to be picked up (2 so far) 3. Ordered BRS filter socks to start changing the socks out weekly with water changes 4. Ordered BRS Alk and Calc mixers to dose 5. Ordered a UV light off of Amazon. Here is the link and a photo: This little guy is going to go in the first chamber of the sump where I keep my filter media. I am going to retrofit it into a PVC pipe with a powerhead and will run it on a timer with the Apex. BUSY WEEK already!
  20. Gotcha thanks for all the ideas. Great thread.
  21. It’s sitting on the frag rack so the top is sticking out of the water.
  22. How do you keep the basket floating?
  23. Just transferred to plugs. Basket small enough mushroom frags won’t go through and diffuses the flow.
  24. Making your tank overflow QUIET!! We have may have gotten here an unorthodox way, but man are the results so sweet. =D What style overflow do you run?? Spears Gate Valve: https://pafish.me/GateValves Flexible Black Tubing: https://pafish.me/TUBING TwoLittleFishies Hose Clamps: https://pafish.me/TLFclamps Strainers: https://pafish.me/Strainers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s3Yb8iCbt0&feature=em-uploademail
  25. Congratulations to "Mike Scoots" for winning the ROWA Phos
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