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  2. Well, when you say it out loud like that! I'm not going to knock on wood. But that foot has been pretty rooted into the rock structure. I originally got rid of about 8 anemones that were all in the back end there. Then I found the perfect rock to replace the old one. Then that Goliath anemone made it it's home, and hopefully there it will stay!
  3. Pretty bold having a great big nem that could decide at any point to go on a walkabout in a 20g tank full of SPS.
  4. Thanks! It is indeed just a giant nem. The clowns love it, and it provides some nice movement against the sticks.
  5. Best way to support a manifold? I pics would be nice if you have them. I tried the J hooks to no avail and i do not want to use strapping.
  6. Looking great buddy! Is that a GIANT anem or the pics make it look that big?
  7. Added three $50 gift certificates from Aquarium Depot to the raffle.
  8. Sorry, I didnt really take any pics along the way... just kinda ran with it haha.. I will update this thread as it grows... also glad to answer any questions you have.. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. That is awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just added an I/O Breakout Box for your Neptune Systems Apex. A $40 value. Donated by Saltwateraquarium.com!
  11. I've just added two raffle prizes to the first post: First, a 1-year free subscription to Coral Magazine - the best produced reef aquarium magazine in the world (IMHO). Donated by the great people at Reef2Rainforest Media. Second up is some Reef Frenzy premium frozen fish food. Donated by our good friend and supporter, Larry DuPont, creator of Reef Frenzy and other Frenzy foods. Multiple chances to win. Stay tuned. More to come.
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  13. Do you have a link to your palludarium ? I was thinking about getting one too. Thanks
  14. That's true. I can't buy a coral no matter how much I throw at an LFS.
  15. I don’t see the need to cut back that sponge - it’s not like you’ve been able to find stores to take your money for corals lately anyway, haha!
  16. I need to cut back on this sponge and throw a bunch of it out. (unless anyone wants it) It grows rather fast but it is easy to cut. I lie a lot of sponges because they eat microscope particles (and parasites I would imagine) and they keep the water very clear. I just need to watch it because it takes up spaces where I would rather grow corals. I also notice my new, small hippo tang just started to swim around and not be afraid of anything has a white patch on his black stripe. I didn't look at him when I bought him out of a tank of a bunch of them. I just told the guy to catch one. I think it s a type of fungus but I am almost 100% sure it will heal on it's own with no help from me.
  17. Easter Baskets and Eggs for your Reef! The Easter Bunny wants to $AVE you money! Ends TONIGHT @ Midnight!
  18. Nothing negative. They appear to be just as happy to eat it, with no bad side effects(yet). Ive been too afraid to make an actual regimen out of it to see how they respond long-term, but I think I'll go ahead and see how it goes with a single coral for awhile. I don't have any duplicate corals to make a real experiment from, but it's a start. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to tell if growth rate, or colors, or some other variables have any significant abnormality in some way.
  19. Oh yeah, no, i totally understand. Like I said, that's what i thought, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  20. Craigslist. Also, I don't think you have to pay for some of those, but I don't know for sure. Short answer is no, WAMAS is not the place for it, although there is the freecycle section, in which if you're giving them away, and you're a paying member, would probably fly.
  21. I am SO INSANELY PROUD of myself, and in almost complete disbelief, but I actually managed to do what I believed impossible.....I saved the shrooms! A tiny one that was cloaked in brown slime, but thankfully turned out hadn't actually begun really dissolving yet, but also a shroom that is now only 1/2 remaining from the rest dissolved into the slime!!!!!! To me I basically just cured cancer, that's how amazed and proud I am lol!
  22. Ok, that's cool, it's what I figured, I totally understand:) it's just not worth it for me to do that, I'm not into freshwater like that anymore, ESPECIALLY enough to pay money to join a club, I just was have freshwater fish I'd be happy to get new homes that would really enjoy them a lot. lol definitely not worth joining a club for, I just figured it would be easy if it was something I could post on the club I'm already a part of.
  23. Posted this on the Neptune forums and now i cant find it. I think they deleted my post.
  24. Thanks! Will do... Thanks... they are currently eating LRS fish frenzy frozen food... a chunk of clam, etc and they go nuts for it... Also plan to feed them some live foods when they get settled in a little more.. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  25. Yea, this is really cool. Congressional aquarium had some awhile ago and I was tempted to set up a tank for them. What are they eating?
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