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  2. I think you may have quoted me instead of darkseeker but post your picture so we can see what the possible issue may be.
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  4. We finally have a sump! Too bad I'm on the other side of the country...
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  6. I got a new one today that is rated for 550 gallons an hour. I think it is closer to 250. I will use it for a door stop to my Man Cave.
  7. I got the Avast since it was a gift certificate. I have been using it for months and the problem I have is that light reflects inside the tube and the image looks bad :/ is this why you dont recommend it?
  8. Lol! I also use a 25 year old 402 for pumping new saltwater from a 5 Gal bucket up to the tank. And I use a 25 year old 301 to mix the saltwater in the bucket. Both are still going strong. Back in the day I ran the 402 on a reverse under gravel filter since the 402 and above could be run in reverse mode.
  9. I just read this article too. My sister send it to me since she knows i am such a reef nerd. Cool stuff
  10. I just read this and was logging on to post it! So exciting!!!!! I'm hoping they'll talk about it at MACNA next weekend!
  11. CNN? Fake news! All joking aside, I believe this will be great news!
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/21/us/historic-coral-discovery-scn-trnd/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0-mKUG_lchjZ1z58LPwRq4Z6M4trm6tnbUJfGZV7zdwjjNE4Pu-b_Xhjs
  13. Very nice! Which black sand did you get? There was one going around for a while that had excessive Nickel and Vanadium in it, but I think it's been removed from the market.
  14. I’ve been toying with the idea of a nem only tank for a while now. Mostly because I love nems but don’t like the stingy effect on my zoas. So today, it has begun! I got a Fluval Evo 13.5 with skimmer today! I bought a gooseneck clamp lamp and an ABI 23w Tuna Blue Coral Reef Optimized PAR38 bulb. That idea came from another forum and from the Maritza vase tank (if you haven’t seen that look it up). Have also wanted a black sand tank forever so I caved this time! Hoping it’ll make the nem colors pop! Set it all up today. Now it’s time to sit back and excruciatingly wait for it to cycle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Is Your TDS Meter Working? CANNONBALL!!!! SeaSide Aquatics Multi Meter: https://pafish.me/SSAmultimeter Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgM_lppPCgc
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  17. I found three working ones. If I look long enough in my house I can find anything. But I fixed the crack in one and ordered another one so I should be good. I don't remember ever having one of these fail.
  18. It is good now, no more skimmer foam and all is well. That coral stopped croaking and the rest of it looks good. It's a good thing I was home. Now I am fixing the crack in the powerhead that runs the skimmer
  19. I think my future wife would have frowned on that. And I would still be single living with my fish.
  20. Not the ending I expected...even for a Paul story. Love it. Bummer about the skimmer. Whatever survives will be well fed. Hopefully you have some good oxygenation while it clears as that is what usually kills the fish.
  21. Funny. The link is to That Fish Place/That Pet Place in Lancaster. I went to college near there and actually stopped in on my wedding day...wife in the passenger seat, to check for a piece of plumbing (3/4" locline flare...obviously). My rebuttal to all the fish bros who say their ladies will never get it.
  22. I actually still have a 402 that I use...It's about 25 years old. I use it to pump water from my mixing can to the tank. While they don't have a high flow rating the narrow nozzle has a good kick at the muzzle. I'm pretty sure these came out in response to folks getting sick of driving their under gravel filters with air stones!
  23. OOOHHHH NNNOOOOO. Disaster. No Really!!. I looked at my tank and it was all foggy. OK, maybe smoky. A combination of foggy and smoky. My friend was here and he said, "That coral looks like it is dead!!!" I said, "Can't be" It was fine a few hours ago. Then I noticed my skimmer wasn't working as there is a crack in the plastic and not enough water is going into the skimmer. AAAAHHHHHHHhhhh.' I found that one coral was just about all croaked and another one is almost all croaked. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! Oh Noooo. I got the skimmer working and it overflowed about a gallon of water on the floor. It kept foaming out like when you put 15 times too much soap in a washing machine. OOOHHHH NOOOO. The effluent from the skimmer was much too much to go down the tube to the drain so we found a big PVC elbow and stuck it on the top of the tube so it at least went into a bucket. It was overflowing all over me. NNNNNoooooo!! Then I got my diatom filter and after spilling a couple of gallons of water on my feet and the floor I got the thing running. The skimmer was still going nuts so I knew there was something in the water.... But What!!!!! As I was fixing the skimmer I kept getting stung by the long spine urchin. Then I noticed. Why is his spines sticking out of the water like 4" Then I remembered. Years ago I had an urchin business and I would SCUBA for urchins and sell them. Once they all spawned at the same time. I think I walked in front of the tank wearing my Speedo which caused that to happen. But when they spawn, they go to the top of the water and stick their spines out, then spawn. And sea urchins have a LOT of spawn. I mean a LOT. And this is a ten year old very large urchin. He was still spawning and turned the water into "Half and Half". Normally that is not a problem and the skimmer removes it right away. But if the skimmer isn't working, the stuff rots and the corals frown on that and croak. Now I have the diatom running and the overflowing is almost managable but still happening. I have to let this keep overflowing for a few hours to get those poisons out of the water so maybe my other corals won't croak.
  24. What davjbeas posted is your exact model. They used be called Hagen Aqauclear 802. They usually will start to put current in the water after awhile.
  25. Thanks, I saw those but I think they are only rated at 350 GPH. I think mine were 700 GPH. But I will look more into it. Seems cheap to have that much flow.
  26. I found this for you https://www.thatpetplace.com/aqua-clear-70-power-head-old-802
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