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Do you have the acro "red bugs" or flat worms  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you have the acro "red bugs" or flat worms

    • I have the acro "red bugs"
    • I have the red or brown flatworms
    • I have both the acro bugs and flatworms!
    • I have none

Welcome to the "Who's Who of WAMAS"! Each issue of WAMAS Waves introduces you to the more personal side of some of our members. Please help to keep this column alive by answering our call for submissions CLICK HERE.CHAD, Newsletter Committee Organizer

chad200x300.jpgQ: Tell us about yourself in a list of 5 descriptive words or terms.A: Passionate, inquisitive, diligent, skeptical, problem-solver.Q: What's in your life besides this hobby?A: Besides reefing, I have a beautiful wife with whom I have two dogs and a cat (more below). Together we are very physically active often running, biking or hiking together and visiting beaches where I can snorkel, play, and now scuba, and she can relax and play. Recently I introduced her to backpacking, so we have been getting out and doing some overnighters in the local areas with the beautiful weather we have been having.Q: How do you balance your hobby life with real life (if you do)?A: My tank is fairly automated these days, I really only spend 30-60 minutes a week working on it and the rest of the time enjoying it. For a while I really didn't balance life with my tanks
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