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Homemade Fish Food - Scott711

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I have done a lot of reading on what food/ingredients are beneficial for both fish and coral. After gathering all of the information about quantity and quality of foods I came up with the following list of ingredients for my food:shrimpclamsscallopsoysterssquidmusselsmackerelaloe Verabloodwormsbrine shrimpbaby brinerotifers frozen/freeze driedPE mysis shrimpmysisprawn Roecyclopeezeoyster eggsspectrum small pelletsdecapsulated brine shrimpfreeze dried copepodsGolden Pearls 5-800 microns 6 different typesred gracilariabroccoliZoeZoecongarlic extractChromamax(super concentrated phytoplankton)3 different types of Noriseveral different types of aminos/omega fatty acids and vitamins

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