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The Borneman Anemone



Bornemans.jpgSome of the most interesting inhabitants in my tanks are my Borneman anemones (Phymanthus buitendijki). Unlike our favorite bubble-tips they are not frequently available, although I did get my first from a WAMAS vendor and a second from another member (thanks, Jan!).These anemones are known to be hardy and to tolerate a wide range of conditions. One of mine has attached itself to rockwork in the sand at the bottom of a 90 gallon tank that has both 150w metal halide and T5 lighting. Two more are in a 3 gallon pico with CF lighting. These two have moved directly under the lights and often are stretched to close to the surface of the tank. Neither tank has high flow in the areas inhabited by the anemones. None are direct-fed, and while the anemone in the larger tank benefits from daily generous tank-wide feedings of frozen food the pico inhabitants only receive a pinch of granulated food every morning. All appear happy and healthy. While the anemone in the larger tank has yet to reproduce, the one in the pico created a clone via natural pedal laceration. The Borneman is not known as a host anemone


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