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WAMAS sponsors
Many thanks to the following companies for sponsoring WAMAS. They are a big part of our club and what helps makes our meeting successful. Let them know that you appreciate their sponsorship and please mention WAMAS when you do business with them.

WAMAS Platinum Sponsors - Be sure to visit them in our forum!
Air Water and Ice

Artfully Acrylic LLC & Incredible Corals

Avast Marine Works

Blue Ribbon Koi

Capital Aquarium

Chemipure (Boyd Enterprises)

Dr. Mac's Pacific East Aquaculture

Exotic Reef Creations

Fish n Reef

LRS Reef Frenzy

Marine Depot

Pimped Out Aquariums

Premium Aquatics

Pure Reef Systems

Reed Mariculture

Reef eScape


Supreme Reefs

Sponsors - Thank you for your support!
New banner-only program. Contact info@wamas.org for more information!

Cobalt Aquatics


Industrial Test Systems

Jellyfish Art

Live Aquaria


WAMAS is a proud supporter of these organizations
Coral Restoration Foundation (Intern Sponsorship)

Nova Southeastern University (WAMAS Endowed Scholarship Fund)