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Welcome to WAMAS.

The Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society, Inc. (WAMAS) is a non profit educational society dedicated to the husbandry of marine life in a captive environment. Through exchanging information with one another, we share our collective knowledge on the care and propagation of these wonderful ocean animals, while reducing the demand for wild caught specimens and providing an educational platform to promote the beauty and fragility of the worlds coral reef ecosystems. The society is committed to promoting interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of the marine aquarium hobby by educating the public on the creation and maintenance of a marine ecosystem. Our society provides resources to the saltwater aquarium enthusiasts in the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area by sponsoring meetings, educational seminars, lectures, online discussions, publications, websites, exhibits, and other means, as a social avenue to connect with other local hobbyists in the area. We support education and conservation efforts aimed at improving marine and coral reef environments.

This site is for your enjoyment, and education. The pages here contain a Reef Community Forum for you to meet some of the people that can help you with information. There are pages filled with links to all sorts of information. From how to build a skimmer to science sites that will help you to understand the reef systems better. There are even links to hundreds of places where you can shop for the products that will improve your reef.
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Reef News

Safeguarding Belize's barrier reef with conservation drones
Yesterday, 03:24 PM
Seeking to gain a high-tech edge over illegal f...

Dredging linked to diseased corals by new study
Jul 16 2014 03:11 PM
Dredging activity near coral reefs can increase...

Belize's lobster, conch, and fish populations rebuild in no-take zones
Jul 13 2014 03:55 PM
A new report shows that no-take zones in Belize...

For corals adapting to climate change, it's survival of the fattest, most flexible
Jul 09 2014 09:53 AM
The future health of the world’s coral reefs an...

Mesophotic coral reef geology the focus of new study
Jul 07 2014 05:11 PM
A new study on biological erosion of mesophotic...

Rethinking the coral reef: How algal and coral cover affect the microscopic life that call the reef home
Jul 03 2014 02:24 PM
Biologists have shown that inhabited coral isla...

Dramatic decline of Caribbean corals can be reversed: Stop killing parrotfish to bring back Caribbean coral reefs
Jul 02 2014 09:36 AM
With only about one-sixth of the original coral...

New spawning reefs to boost native fish in St. Clair River
Jul 01 2014 10:13 AM
Construction of two new fish-spawning reefs is...

Meeting News

WAMAS Summer Meeting
1:30 - 5:00 PM
Speakers: Colin Foord(Topic Urban Corals of Miami)
Location: Charles Wesley UMC. McLean, VA

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