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DIY Automatic Feeder for Aquacontroller

Posted by Jon Lazar in WAMAS Waves v4, 19 January 2012 · 0 views
Apex, Aquacontroller, Eheim 3581 and 2 more...

http://i1325.photobu...5225.jpgEheim 3581 Automatic Feeder DIY Automatic Feeder for Aquacontroller One of my goals in designing my aquarium was to make things as automated a possible so that I could spend less time working to maintain the tank, and more time enjoying it.  I use an Aquacontroller to control the...


Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish (Plectranthias inermis)

Posted by Hilary in WAMAS Waves v3, 26 October 2011 · 0 views

http://www.wamas.org...6_867_51255.jpg Plectranthias inermis - image courtesy of J. Clipperton, www.digital-reefs.com "What is a good fish for my nano?" is a question we frequently hear.  Limited space usually means smaller fish, and those aquarists with larger tanks often scratch their heads over this one....


Mixed Reef - Sun Corals

Posted by Chad in WAMAS Waves v2, 23 July 2011 · 0 views

http://www.wamas.org..._867_463847.jpg Tubastrea sp. under actinic lighiting dining on cyclopezeThese beautiful species are arguably most recognized denizens of corals. Their bright colors adorn many coffee table reef and diving books. We, as keepers of the reef, cannot help but be awe inspired by them and think how...


Pistol Shrimp Behavior

Posted by Hilary in WAMAS Waves v1, 03 April 2011 · 0 views

http://i327.photobuc...rimpandGoby.jpg Crack!It is pretty easy to determine if your pistol shrimp is alive and well, even if you never see it.  Do you occasionally hear that pistol crack, and think that something important in your tank just broke?  Does your sand bed keep shifting around the bottom of your tank?  If so, your...


The Newbies place

Posted by Jan in WAMAS Waves, 05 January 2011 · 0 views

Welcome to WAMAS! Like you I was a Newbie too, not once, but twice! I started in this hobby 20 years ago when there were no online forums or clubs. I muddled my way though it all and had 3 tanks set up for about 3 years. A tank disaster caused me to break everything down, sell it off and give it up. My 55 gallon tank had sprung a leak while I was...

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