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Posted by Jan , in Newbie 05 January 2011 · 0 views

Welcome to WAMAS! Like you I was a Newbie too, not once, but twice! I started in this hobby 20 years ago when there were no online forums or clubs. I muddled my way though it all and had 3 tanks set up for about 3 years. A tank disaster caused me to break everything down, sell it off and give it up. My 55 gallon tank had sprung a leak while I was at work and that was it for me. Twenty later, while watching a show about marine life with my family, I started talking about my tanks. I was able to identify most of the Marine life we saw. After everyone went to bed I searched the internet to see what was out there and, wow, was I not only surprised, I was delighted! There is a ton of information out there. Keeping a salt water aquarium had gotten easier and simpler. I found a 24 gallon nano cube on craigslist for under $100.00 and took it home. Within a week I had the tank set up. Within 3 months it was stocked to the gills. I then sold everything off and I was able to purchase a 75 gallon set up which I made into a mixed reef and also a 3 gallon pico. Then I set up a 10 gallon non photosynthetic tank and a 5 gallon macro tank. I've since knocked the 10, 3 and 5 gallon tanks down and split everything up and my most recent adventure in marine aquaria is a 35 gallon hexagon which is filled with gorgonians (sea fans), corallimorphs (little communal anemones commonly referred to as mushrooms or shrooms), a couple of non photosynthetic corals (sun coral, chilli coral, etc.) invertebrates (snails, shrimp, etc.), 2 black and white Erectus H seahorses and one Doryrhamphus excisus commonly known as a blue stripe pipe fish. Who knows what I will do next? Tag along and let me show you how easy it can be.I will be writing about the challenges newbies often face in this hobby. My writings will include topics like how to choose the right set up for you, essential equipment, how to cycle a tank, how to choose compatible livestock, what test kits, dips and medications you should have on hand at all times, how to prevent from getting those pesky pests in your system, how to identify pests and how to properly quarantine and treat livestock, how to put together a small system for under $100.00 and much more. I'm very passionate about this hobby. I welcome the challenges I've faced as well as the ones I've not encountered. It's an opportunity to learn more. There's never a dull moment or a day that goes by that I don't learn something new. I'm a newbie to everything I've not encountered. This is what keeps me in it. I want to share what I've learned with all of you. I would also very much appreciate you sharing your new discoveries with me. Don't be shy. I'm here to help. Comment here, post your questions in the forums, or PM me whatever questions you have.Janice (Jan)Jan's 24 gallon Nano cubePosted Image

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