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Homemade Fish Food - Scott711

Posted by Chad , in Husbandry 26 October 2011 · 0 views

I have done a lot of reading on what food/ingredients are beneficial for both fish and coral. After gathering all of the information about quantity and quality of foods I came up with the following list of ingredients for my food:shrimpclamsscallopsoysterssquidmusselsmackerelaloe Verabloodwormsbrine shrimpbaby brinerotifers frozen/freeze driedPE mysis shrimpmysisprawn Roecyclopeezeoyster eggsspectrum small pelletsdecapsulated brine shrimpfreeze dried copepodsGolden Pearls 5-800 microns 6 different typesred gracilariabroccoliZoeZoecongarlic extractChromamax(super concentrated phytoplankton)3 different types of Noriseveral different types of aminos/omega fatty acids and vitamins• I get all of the seafood fresh from the supermarket and chop it or blend it into small pieces. The seafood then gets put into a large bucket.• I then cut up the vegetables and chop the broccoli up so it is bite size for fish. The cut up vegetables then get put in the bucket.• The next thing I do is cut up the nuri into pieces/strips. They then get put into the bucket• I then add the freeze dried ingredients. • The next ingredients are the frozen food.• The final ingredients are the liquid portion.• After all the ingredients are in the bucket I make sure everything is stirred to avoid any settling of the bigger "chunks". • Once everything has been sufficiently mixed, the next step is the bagging portion. • I purchased a food vacuum because I wanted to make sure the fish food stays fresh and does not get freezer burn. • After all the food is packaged I lay it flat in my freezer.• After about 48 hours all the food is frozen and ready to use.

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